Gulf of Maine, Inc.

PO Box 360
Pembroke, Maine 04666


Food System Categories

Food Production

Aquaculture, Fish (wild caught)

Processing & Manufacturing

Specialty Foods/Snacks

Distribution & Storage

Broker/Sourcer, Distributor

Education & Support

Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship Program


Gulf of Maine, Inc is a fresh seafood business established in 2002. Founded and run by Tim & Amy Sheehan and kids they source fresh fish, shellfish, seaweeds, and other products from 300+ local fishermen, diggers, divers, and harvesters around Cobscook Bay. Fresh steamer clams and fresh or frozen sea scallops are available year round. Lobster, crabs, periwinkles, whelks, eels, seaweeds, beach greens, halibut, mackerel, and some smoked fish are available in season. The company is open 7 days a week at their 81 US Rte. 1 location on the Pembroke/Perry line. During the week regular hours are 9 - 5pm and on weekends the shop is open from low tide until 4 hours afterward as they are purchasing clams from diggers as they come off the clam-flats. Special hours, deliveries, and meet-ups are always an option - call Tim or Amy for details.

Months of operation: Open year-round

Hours of Operation:
Saturday       noon   to   4 a.m.
Monday       9 a.m.   to   5 a.m.
Tuesday       9 a.m.   to   5 a.m.
Wednesday       9 a.m.   to   5 a.m.
Thursday       9 a.m.   to   5 a.m.
Friday       9 a.m.   to   5 a.m.


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